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Design in tandem with construction.

Nowadays, in the design of construction works, it is very important to build a new warehouse and office building for the operator. Whether it is a Thai or foreign project owner. Especially Japanese project owners. Or even a factory in the extension to accommodate more production. Or create to support new production LINE products. Nowadays, construction works in the form of TURNKEY or words that are easily understood as Design & Build and another popular term for the construction industry. And engineering is EPC (Engineering-Procurement-Construction), which summarizes the two advantages that customers will receive.

  1. Reduce the duration of the project: In the project step system, the project owner generally has to coordinate with three companies: 1. Designers, architects, architects, and system designers (DESIGNER). The supervisor (CONSULT) 3. CONTRACTOR (CONTRACTOR), which takes a long time to work.
  2. Reduce Costs: There are two parts to reducing costs:
  3. Project owners do not have to pay for DESIGNER and CONSULT. Experience can also reduce the cost of construction, which the designer is quite a design.(SAFETY FACTOR) quite a lot. However, the project owner must have a check procedure before that the contractor DESIGN & BUILT has the potential to work. And how much construction experience for customers? And the most important thing to customers is: The plant will meet the needs of customers 100% PROCESS LINE, the appearance of the building. And a shorter period than the usual procedure mentioned above. And the building can be opened according to the budget set. And on time to be set up to run the business and get returns as quickly as possible.