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TPS Construction and Consultancy Company Limited (TPS) was established on November 9, 2006, which is the company. The leading Thai contractors in the construction industry in the form of TURNKEY or words easily understood as Design & Build and another popular term for construction. And engineering is EPC (Engineering-Procurement-Construction)

Over the past 20 years, since 1998, before growing and transforming our company into a TPS, our company was founded under the name of TPS. Thai Prasit Construction Limited Partnership, which in the past has accumulated and experienced design and construction experience for many major Japanese contractors. Therefore, it can support the work of quality. And deliver the building to the customer meet the agreed goal.

TPS We consider ourselves the first Thai contractor to provide TURNKEY construction services to our clients as fully as Japanese companies. And we can design all types of factory buildings. Warehouse building Including office buildings. The past has been able to build confidence for our customers with fewer than 2,000 factories, 50 warehouses and 30 office buildings that we have built for our clients.

The success in the above is that TPS attaches great importance to the needs of its customers. And transform that demand into a construction model and make it real. And during construction, TPS adopted a strategy for project management (Construction Management-CM) and careful consideration in construction. The promised construction period and the dedication of all TPS personnel who have been selected and trained in the job well. This makes the construction is quality and satisfaction to customers.

The after-sales service at TPS is very important. In addition to the company. There is a warranty for the customer, then there is a Thunder Service department to call customers periodically. To inquire about potential problems with the construction, even in the warranty period. Or even after the warranty period is gone. With a Preventive Maintenance Plan Maintenance-PM,) is presented to the customer together with consideration.

And to build credibility for Japanese customers. TPS has expanded its investment business by opening a joint venture with a Japanese company named NIPPON AIR CONDITIONING SERVICES CO., LTD. Provide maintenance services for large air conditioning systems. And one-third of the companies in the same business. Along with being a company on the stock exchange of Japan as well.

It has set up a company in Thailand called NACS TPS ENGINEERING CO., LTD. To increase its credibility. And strengthen its affiliates in the future.